Just one of Those Days...

It's just been one of those days, maybe even a series of days where shyt was just happening and it wasn't all hunkie dorey.

My headset to my phone broke. Just up and died. While to some of you who think that a head set is rude and unnecessary, I think it is an absolute necessity in order to be hands free; in order to utilize my iPhone to the max without holding it up to my damn head; in order to hear the dag on thing ringing in the nether regions of my purse - cause I got kids and ish. Yep, I'm essential personnel and a broke headset just pissed me da hell off.

After 15 years of use, my treadmill just decided to up and fuggin die - right in the middle of speed work. It really does hurt when you go from 8mph to ZERO instantaneously after the moter decided to say fugg it and stop. Pretty sure I'm gonna have a mark. Mad about it.

I'm about sick and tired of some of my family - you know, those people considered biologics - gonna get all serious & huffy and start talking bout all the "things" they have done for "their" kids. GTFOOH!!! Just GTFOOH!!! Exactly what have you done? When? No, SHUT THE FUGG UP and cough up that $50 we asked for to spend at the prom. SAY NOTHING. Just dig in your damn wallet and fork it over before I find me a blow torch and a pair of pliers.

Sigh. Relax Relate Release.

I am mad about it that the coach wouldn't believe that I would send a check so the Prince could bring home his lax gear. I had to transfer 2 cnotes as a deposit so he could bring his gear home for the summer. (The Prince is hoping to coach some lax camps this summer). Ummm, I'm going to need a full ride coach. FULL RIDE.

I have dandelions instead of grass...Princess Cara keeps picking them and bringing them to me as a bouquet of flowers. Damn

The Royal Cat lost his friggin mind and decided to spray his essence all over my damn antique hope chest that my maternal grandmother gave me. That little fugger was just about to go to the damn pound, PDQ.

Today is trash day. Guess there were too many rib bones from the Graduation party this weekend. All of our trash cans were knocked over and the bags ripped asunder all over the gosh darn yard. I had to get a pair of gloves, pick it all up and put it back in the trash before they came to pick it up. Disgusting. I was mad about it.

And people wonder why women self medicate...my vice of choice: A Side Car & cigar. Happy Hour don't get here fast enough in the day.