A Whirlwind Weekend

The madness that was this weekend started on Thurday with Princess Charlee's 18th Birthday. Unfortunately, I had to attend a workshop that evening so the Queen Mother and Princess Erin held down the fort with an evening of sushi & cake.

Prince Jordan, Heir to the Empire, arrived home from his first year of college (a solid 3.3 GPA mind ya) as well and by time I walked in the door that evening, he had his boys and a young lady (NOT FATAL ATTRACTION - thank God) all posted up in the home theater watching movies.

Wasting no time.

Friday night was Princess Charlee's Senior Prom and I was like a mad woman running all over town picking up groceries, wine & decorations for the Arch for the Pre-Prom Getting Ready & Prom Picture Party. I know I looked crazy when I walked back in the house. And to top it off, the kids decided that they didn't want to go out to dinner since there would be some food on the boat (The prom was held on the Star of Baltimore) and wondered if I would prepare some lite fare and/or dinner for them. Despite the fact that I cursed, fussed and mumbled under my breath, I whipped out some stuff and made a chicken & rice casserole and some mango salsa w/chips. I also made a pitcher of Side Cars to gird my nerves.

They didn't even eat. Sigh.

Saturday morning I got up and made Huevos Rancheros Omelets & Mimosas for the prom goers that managed to come in around 5:30am from the Post Prom Party at D&B. They ate that like savages. The rest of the day was preparations for Charlee's 18th Birthday Bash that was to go on that evening in my basement. Umm Yeah.

The party went off without a hitch. The music was WAAAYYY to loud for my taste, but then again I'm old and can't party like I used to. She had a DJ & a friend of Princess Erin acted as bouncer again. Shame when you need to have a bouncer...just in case. All was going well, they shut the party down around 1am and then...well...somebody just HAD to get all violent and loud. Some guy decided that he wanted to put his hands on some girl - the girl & her possee decided that they was gonna get loud w/some neck-popping and talk about whoopin some guy azz. The Prince was trying to corral people and get them to take it down about 20 notches. The bouncer was dealing with another crazy group on our front lawn....AND THEN...

It was time for The FireMarshall. Lawd Jeeeezus! The FM jumped outta the bed, put on a pair of flip flops & a baseball cap and went outside in his friggin pajamas and went all LOUD & OLE SKOOL on these kids. He yelled & cursed so loud bout getting the F$#K off his GOT DAMN LAWN, bout getting da HE -double L off his MFn' property, walking back & forth, throwing his baseball cap on the ground, practically foaming at the mouth - that a hush came over the crowd as if Moses had just parted the Red Sea. Teens started scrambling, fight didn't even get off the ground, all was okay. Prince Jordan's posse (Kevin, Kenny & Garrett) are standing behind the FM (with dey played to much beer pong selves) saying "Yeah Mr. Steptoe! We got your back! This is some buullshyat! Deyz ignorant!"

Umm, yeah boys. Stay back. Let the crazy black man do his work.

The FireMarshall comes back in the house and the posse, Prince Jordan & Princess Charlee's top mafia regaled stories about how they thwarted the rumble in the country.

I'm telling you right now, it was the BEST HOUR OF REALITY TV EVER!!!!! Pure dramady.

This morning I made CornBeef Hash Omeletes w/a Spicy Ketchup Sauce - served with hash browns & bacon and we all told stories from the weekend adventures.

I now have a short break until Princess Charlee's Graduation (June2), the Graduation Party (June4th) and playing Den Mother again for Senior Week in Ocean City starting on June 5th.

Kill Me Now!

So...how was your weekend?