Princess Cara's Garden

My girlfriend Terri has been on me for years to start a garden. The FireMarshall's father tells us every time he see us that we should start a garden with Princess Cara. HUMPH. I've always said to both of them..."Come build it yourself."

Terri was gracious enough to send me a book on container & box gardening and I've been leafing through it. Not as much fun to read as, say, Goat Husbandry - you had to have been there for my reading of this riveting tome - but my interest was peaked.

Finally, after Princess Cara brought home a bean that she had started sprouting at school and just went on and on about her plant, I broke down and decided to start a container garden. Momz and I trekked out to Bi.gL.ots and got a bunch of large planters and some top soil and then we stumbled on Bi.g.Joh.n's Farm and picked us up some plants. I spent a total of $13 dollars at this place and got 2 tomato plants, 1 market pack of watermelons, 2 market packs of green beans, 2 of yellow squash, 1 broccoli and 1 of peppers.

I had NO IDEA how much hard work it was to plant some damn containers. Four hours of work and I was absolutely exhausted. Princess Cara supervised and watered after every container was done. It is done.

Now, I need to get Terri on the phone and coach me through this "growing stuff" thing. Ummm, how do I keep the deer out my plants? Miracle Grow? What else should I know to get this stuff to grow and actually have something to eat? ...and if it all does grow...who da hell is gonna eat all of this stuff or did I plant just the right amount for us? HELP, TERRI, HELP! What da heck did I get myself into. Sigh.

Still, there is a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in "building" this...and right now, all Princess Cara can talk about is her "garden". It makes the exhaustion all that more exhilarating.