...Socks is NOT the Baby Daddy

Sometimes I just have to get off the phone with The FireMarshall cause he is just a mess. He says things with such a dead pan way and it is so damn funny and ridiculous at the same time. So, The FM is on the highway to Indiana to pick up the Prince (who, btw, had a fabulously successful freshman year...but I digress) and I call him up to tell him about the latest Character Drama unfolding here at True Blessings - we ARE TNT - we KNOW drama.

TravelDiva: You won't believe this, but that stray cat that has been coming around visiting with Socks went and had herself some damn kittens and they are under our sunroom.

FireMarshall: What? Da Hell You Say. Call Animal Control and don't be feedin dem babies, ya here.

TD: Ummm, okay...but they are so KEEEEUTE.

FireMarshall: I don't care how cute them kittens are. Socks ain't they baby daddy so it ain't our 'sponsibility. See. Now I know why that ho been coming round trying to hook up with Socks. Saw his crib; all living in the lap up luxury and whatnot; eating on gourmet cat food and ish - thought she was gonna get in on some of that action. That right there is some kinda gold diggin cat.

TD: I'm done with you.

FM: Uh, Huh. I know the score. Thought she could come over and try to hem Socks up with a litter of babies. HUMPH. But I got her number. Socks is fixed. HE IS NOT THE BABY DADDY to those kittens. We not raising no stray kitty babies. Call Animal Control and don't go all soft on me with it ain't dem babies fault - they gotta eat - business. Get em on the phone.

TD: I'm hanging up now. How you know that cat is a gold diggin ho, anyway? You wrong.

FM: *I can feel him looking over the top of his glasses as he says this* Socks IS NOT the Baby Daddy.

TD: I'm going to introduce you to mister click up. Bye now. Click.

You know The Royal Cat just looked up at me like "He right ya know. Them ain't my kids and I'm not sharing."

Animal Control asked me to leave a message and they would get back to me. Uh Huh. What to do? What to do?