1st Open Water Swim - Nationals Triathlon Prep

I completed my 1st Open Water Swim Clinic in preparation for The Nations Triathlon in September. 9 weeks to go. I completed 900 meters today in open water. My FIRST time in open water for a swim that wasn't about diving waves or "frolicking". I WAS SWIMMING. Fo sho.

I've never had any real fear about these new endeavors I undertake. And I wasn't nervous today either...except for a few seconds of anxiety I had when we all decided to swim out toward this buoy that seem like a mile away and back. I was like, ummm...yeah...give me a minute.

Once I got started, I was fine. After doing the first 400, I was okay with the whole open water thingy; however, I HAVE GOT TO WORK ON MY ENDURANCE. I can't let things like my stroke getting off, swallowing a little water, getting kicked in the head and whatnot frazzle me that it makes me freak just a little...but makes it so I have to change from freestyle to backstroke or side stroke. It just seems so damn hard to get back to freestyle after you flip over. I don't want to have to flip over except in a dire situation.

I was SOOOO glad that Becca was there. It made meeting people so much easier and I was instantly comfortable in my surroundings. It was just so funny that Becca was checking on me and making sure I was okay; helping me with tips & stuff...when just a few months ago I was in the pool with her encouraging her that she COULD learn to swim. I sucked up every piece of knowledge that she imparted cause - she may be a beginner swimmer - but she can sure out swim me on this damn tri business like a mug. Every time a negative word came out my mouth..."IF I ever get this....I can't...I'm tired..." Becca was right there with a "When you get this...you CAN...let's just do one more lap."

Always right on time.

I've done a lot of fantastic, interesting and awesome stuff in my lifetime...and in 9 weeks...I'm gonna be able to say, I AM A TRIATHLETE!!!!