TravelDiva's Texas Randoms

They are not joking when they say "We do it big in Texas". Everything from the highways, to cars, to malls - even hair. Lawd, I saw this girl whose weave was so big I was amazed at how strong her neck muscles had to be to hold all that dag on weave up. IT WAS HUGE.

I drove 5 hours in one direction and was still in Texas. Here on the Left Coast, I would have gone thru at least 4 states.

You could drive sunrise to sunset and still be in Texas.

My AT&T Navigator was the BUSINESS! Always took me right to the damn door and I drove all over the damn place.

My problem is I'm easily distracted. Driving along on this superhighway...la...dee...dah...OH! Shopping! Let me just cut across 4 lanes to make this exit so I can find some....

OHHHHH!!!! Sparkley!

These ranches in Texas make my little piece of paradise look like a postage stamp. Some looked like the size of of a small state. DAMN.

It rained so damn hard yesterday that I thought I just might have to use my rental car as an ark.

I passed the Houston Premium Outlet with this big azz St. John sign beaming at me. Sigh. Couldn't stop. Had to make moves the an appointment. Sad Face.

I would fit right in in Texas with my bedazzle kit.

Kickapoo Road? - Really?

The Houston Chapter of NSN KNOWS how to party. From the event I spoke at, to the brunch that ended up as an all day drinking, laughing, cutting up fest - *cue the music* - SIMPLY THE BEST! And the First Ladies of the Chapter - BETTER THAN ALL THE REST! I can't wait to see you all at conference. Get your Go Go Boots ready!
Really wanted to meet a Texas Ranger...like Walker...but alas. No dice.

What is with the MEGA CHURCHES! Saying they are big is an understatement.

Were those just random oil wells/pumps in someones back yard? Seriously.

I was doing like 80 MPH in a Chrysler 300 on a Texas Farm Road (Da Hell) and I got passed by a damn Hyundai - GTFOOH!

I want me a Texas sized gate with a "True Blessings Estate" Iron Arch for my driveway dammit.

I saw the moon hanging in the sky during one of my drives up I10 and couldn't help but think..."Houston, we have a problem."

I was able to hang out with some great people on this trip. I got to have dinner with my classmate Monica. It was so great to see her and have some real live girl talk. She prolly thinks I'm crazier than a bed bug...and it is true.

I got a change to meet one of my Twitter/FB/Blogger friends-The BlogGoddess Herself - @LadyWanderLust. She is just as witty, funny and real in person as she is on her blog & twitter. She was just my brand of humor & friendly banter. Beautiful eyes, a love for a good drink and getting her second wind on this journey of life. I'm mad that I didn't take a picture.

I then had dinner with @TiffanyNHouston and her fiance' M. A cute couple. Who knew she had a wonderful accent. I will read her tweets with a whole new perspective now that I've heard her in person. Just FUN!

I saw a rainbow on my way to San Antonio. It made me smile.

I had a wonderful time in Texas.