Call Me...The Closer

Just call me "The Closer". I work hard and I play even harder. I came to work a conference that happened to be in Bermuda. Yeah, that sucks but somebody had to do some business here. Next month, the conference will be po-dunk, USA and will really suck wind.

I unpacked and set up the entire booth-BY MYSELF. I worked every day of the conference (Thurs-Sun) during the expected exhibit times. Got one contract signed w/deposit, made 15 appointments and have 20 more follow-ups to conduct. During the 1/2 days of conference, I worked my azz off in stiletto heels and my face fixed to answer crazy questions w/a smile & professionalism.

When lunch rolled around, I rolled out to PLAY! And a good time was definitely had.

So, just to answer a few questions...
- Yes, I have a real job, and nobody will give a damn if I do or not when I'm in N Dakota in the winter...will they?

- No, I do not have too much time on my hands. I have the same amount as everybody else. I just squeeze the max out of what I have. I am The Closer - and get 'er done efficiently.

- Yes, it IS nice.


Work hard-Be Excellent at What You Do...AND then PLAY HARDER.

Life is too short to not have be great and have fun in the process.

See you on the beaches of the world.