The Difference is HUGE - BIG!

My orginial plan was to use The FireMarshall's all terrain bike with that whole shock absorber effect and ish for the triathlon, but when I really got to thinking about it and then tried to adjust his bike to me...it became readily apparent that since I was a entire foot shorter than him, that was just not going to work out.

All that smart talk about how I wasn't buying nuttin for this triathlon has been thown out the window.

Now I need a bike.

Well, I have been going to spin class and whatnot, but wanted to see how it felt on the road. I decided to take my mother's roadster out for a spin. I had more grand plans of riding from my house to the lake, round the lake and back. HUMPH. That plan was shot ALL TO DA HELL! Becca has always been hesitant to ride out my way cause she says we have nothing but hills. I was like what hills you talking bout? I got my face fixed like real quick.

I turned out of my driveway, got about 1/4mile and BAAAAAM! HILL!...followed by like 2 seconds of flat and then another HILL!...down the hill and BAM...up the hill. I had only gone a fuggin mile and was sweating like a Moses in the brick pit. I made a left towards the lake...BAM! HILL! then some flat, a little downhill and BLAM! MORE HILL! Jesus be 1st gear. I got 4 1/2 miles and said, OH HELL NO! Not today. I wasn't going to make it to the lake which was probably another 3 miles to the entrance - or it seemed like it was going to be that long of a streach.

I made a U-Turn and hauled it back towards the house, decided to stop at the Wal.gr.eens to get some travel stuff and headed home.

8.55 miles completed. Sweat pouring from every pore in my body - it looked like I had been in the pool. The Prince asked "Are you alright?". Actually, I felt great. However, let me tell you something - there is a HUGE - I mean BIG, GIGANTIC - difference between spin class and hauling your azz over the river and through the wood on a road bike. PERIOD.

I got work to do, but it feels good.

Next challenge - can I ride 9 miles and run 3. Stay tuned