DC Confidential - The Reveal

Rember this...DC Confidential...where I told you about something that I did that was HELLA FUN but couldn't say until August. Well, that day arrived tonight when the episode of Top Chef aired. I was invited by MrsTDJ to join her and some of her fabulous friends to be tasters and part of the crowd during an episode of Top Chef - Making Concessions. It was a long day, my feet hurt up to my knee caps by time it was all over, but IT WAS SO DAMN FUN.

Now, I've been watching all season knowing full well who the six were going to be by time they got to this episode. However, I haven't been very successful in predicting who would have to pack up their knives until about the last 3 episodes...and we ladies KNEW and were pretty sure that Amanda was getting the boot. We took one look at the Tuna Tartar and said, "Yep, she's done."

Seriously, WHO makes raw fish as a concession food. Hot Outside. Fishy. Grey. Didn't look fresh. Difficult to eat in a ball park. Didn't go well with the free beer either.

NOW TIFFANY'S MEATBALLS! SLAMMIN' - DELISH - MAKE YOU WANNA SLAP YOUR MAMMA GOOD! or at least fight the people in line trying to get another serving. I was a little disappointed that she didn't win the tonight but Ed's dish was on point too.

Angelo is going downhill fast. Best get it together mister, stop putting an Asian spin on EVERY.SINGLE.DISH and start COOKANG. That's all I got to say about that.

So, I only had a total of about 4-5 seconds of fame in tonights episode. When they were talking to the judges and you see some chick with white St. John (you can't really tell that they are, but I thought I'd just throw that in for showing off effect) pants with her azz all up in the screen...yeah, that was my broadside. Then when the judges all get up to go to judges table...there I am in the background for a hot second. Who cares - nobody but me - yet the food was great, the beers were good till they cut us off, and my Top Chef Mates were a blast.

Here is how confidential this whole thing was...I took pictures of the ladies with Tom and then saved them on one of these computers in this house. Just can't find it now. I did email them out so the parties involved do have their pic - I just don't have it here to share. BUMMER.

Thanks, MrsTDJ, for a wonderful experience.


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