Some People...

Some people just have way too much free time on their hands and...

Some people do waaaay to much. Just stop.

Some people are really, really genuinely nice people...like that old lady in the coffee shop that spotted me $1.00 to get a soda since I couldn't use my debit card (ya know I never have cash on hand) for $1.89. I hope I run into her again or I'll just pass it forward.

Some people focus on dumb shyt instead of the matter at hand and wonder why business isn't getting done.

Some people let my cute & fabulousness fool them into saying dumb azz shyt to me. It amuses the hell out of me they reel back in shock & awe when I tazer them.

Some people didn't listen when the FireMarshall said "She may be beautiful, but she was trained to kill. CAREFUL."

Some people are just Academy Graduates instead of Ring Knockers and refuse to associate with, network or leverage that diploma. You're loss.

Some people always gotta ask WIIFM (what's in it for me)...except when it comes to registering for some Frat/Sorority conference. Yeah, you know who you are...the ones that needed explicit examples of WIIFM when it came to the Service Academy Graduates Reunion and whined about the $200 registration, but then I saw you post pictures from the Conclave, Boule' and/or that Boy's Weekend in Vegas on Fac.e.b.00k. I know that ish cost more than $200 and you didn't ask WIIFM ('cept maybe if there was an open bar) AT ALL.

Some people are trifling. PERIOD.

Some people actually think that I take to heart their special brand of crazy. No, but I do enjoy coming to watch the train wreck and being secretly messy about it later. *Snicker*

Some people don't know that I have a front row seat on the Express Bus to Hell...sometimes I'm even the driver. No worries. Let me show your dumb azz around.

Some people surprise me. Like my sister, who has stepped up to the plate on several occassions lately to help me out, leaving her world of ghetto fabulous behind...at least for a weekend or two.

Some people REALLY need to edit their FB settings ensuring that NOBODY can tag you all random like in pictures...like my Pastor who got tagged on a picture of some woman straight out the club that features poles by some IGNANT, GOT NO SENSE, BOUGHT AN ADVANCED SEAT ON THE HELL BUS. De-Friend and then LOCK YOUR PROFILE DOWN.

Some people make me real mad & play too much. That ish ain't funny - AT ALL.

Some people feel much better when I sit here behind this desk sending emails all day requesting appointments, insisting that I copy them on every one instead of me going out and doing the business of SELLING FOR REAL. It's your dime. Just don't get all freaked out when nothing happens. Seriously. Sigh. *Clicking Send*

Some People...