Do You Want to Play - Part 2

The wonderful people over at Ebeanstalk sent Princess Cara a new toy to try out and it turned out that it was right up her alley. Connecta Straws.

The Connecta Straws were something very simple but allowed her to be creative and make all kinds of stuff, creatures, creations. Of course, she had to lay every piece out and sort by color but then it was on. She made an assortment of flowers and "bugs". Nice.

I thought it would keep her distracted for a good while, but alas, she is easily distracted like her mother by shiny objects - "Look what I made - OH! - Shiny." - and she is off to the next toy.

We have been purchasing a lot of stuff from Ebeanstalk and have yet to be disappointed. If you got kids you really should check them out. Like I said before, looking for great toys for your kids at any age can be overwhelming! Especially if you let your kids watch Nog.g.in or Car.t.oo.n Net.w.ork and they are bombarded with commercials for useless toys or video games. I truly believe you will find great toys at reasonable prices at Ebeanstalk. Even better are the online reviews of all the toys right there on the website. Good and bad. Honest feedback on everything. I found that feature very helpful too.

With so many toys to choose from, it is hard to pick out the perfect one for
your kids. Ebeanstalk makes it easy. They always strive to chose the best toys around and could use your help. Head on over to Ebeanstalk and tell them what your favorite baby toys and kid toys are. Ebeanstalk wants to provide great toys by age and the only way they can make sure they have the right ones is by getting feedback from moms like you and me!

Don't you want to play?