Mission Michigan–Road Trip Random’s


The FireMarshall, Princess Cara and I are on the road RIGHT NOW enroute to Grand Rapids, MI to watch Indiana Tech LAX and, more importantly, pick up Prince Jordan & Sir Tony for a little Spring Break Fling in DC. Yeah, they called on afternoon and snookered the Queen into this whole adventure.

Last night, around 11:30pm, The FireMarshall asked me to check the weather as we packed to see if we needed to bring some artic gear to watch the game in. I flipped on the Weather Channel and – SHOCK & AWE! A frigging snow storm dead smack in the middle of our route (10 – 12 in of snow in Cleveland). Ummm. Yeah. I went to the cloud (no, really, I just opened two windows on my ‘puter) between MapQ.ues.t & weather dot com we tried to make a command decision on what to do:

  • Leave later waiting for storm to pass
  • Leave now – didn’t make much difference
  • Plot a different route – that was the ticket (or so we hope)

Instead of going the most direct route through Pittsburg to Cleveland up to Grand Rapids, we are staying a little south (on I70) to Columbus, hook up to Ft Wayne, IN then up to Grand Rapids. Keeps us south of the storm and only adds about 1 hour to the already brutal 10/11hour travel time.

VIVA EL INFORME RICO! or at least noaa.org

We are on the road now (in West Virginia to be exact) and while cloudy we have clear skies. Pray for travel mercies. Since there is always some grins, giggles & shenanigans on every adventure we embark on, I’ll be back from time to time to update you with…


So, obviously we have taken so many road trips in the Party Van that the drivers seat is a tad worn down. Why was The FireMarshall’s solution to the problem to sit on Princess Cara’s Bumble Bee Pillow Pet? You don’t even WANT to know where the face of the bee is. SMH.

If Princess Cara as ONE MORE DAMN TIME if we are almost there, I'm going to throw that American Doll out the dag on window! Kill me friggin NOW! Uggaaahhh. So, she realizes that we are at our wits end and asks for one of her blow pops. Sure, we give it to her. SHUT THE EFF UP!

We got played.

What possessed me to teach Princess Cara how to get the truck drivers to blow their horns. DUMB AZZ.

Guess the whole go an hour out of your way idea is paying off. Except for a little bit of flurries in the mountains of PA, we got zilch since we hit OH & still nothing outside of Ann Arbor, MI.

I LOVE having a mobile hotspot on road trips. I'm roaming all over deeze here innanets even registering for the ZOOMA Annapolis 10K. I refuse to watch video - OVER & OVER of the devastation in Japan. I'll just pray instead. I don't need to watch it a gazzillion times to know that it is awful.

Princess Cara is a great Road Dawg. She's fun (except when she asks if we are there yet).

Da Hell is that thing?