The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde


Are you familiar with the “The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”? The story is often associated with the mental disorder of split personality wherein within the same person there are two distinct personalities. In this story, the two personalities in Dr Jekyll are apparently good and evil, with completely opposite levels of morality.


I am living a true case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, except in this reality show the characters are two distinct people born of the same mother, raised in the same household, given the same opportunities & largess of the family fortune (how big or small that was) and yet are the complete opposite in terms of our moral compass & clarity of right & wrong.


One sister (Dr. Jekyll) has a moral compass pointed true north – at least for the most part, when there isn’t a full moon,  a solar eclipse or the core of the earth stops spinning(then all bets are off).


The other sister (Mr. Hyde) has no compass at all.  Her compass is so mangled that it no longer works.


…and Mr. Hyde has come to live again with Dr. Jekyll because we have burned so many bridges, our criminal escapades have ruined your chances at just about anything, our health is failing and we have no where, no body but your mother & sister left to turn to.


So here Mr. Hyde sits, in Dr. Jekyll’s home and despite every effort to take a hammer to the needle in Mr. Hyde’s compass and straighten it out if only to get it to spin again – that mofo just doesn’t think that they are doing ANYTHING wrong.


Dr. Jekyll has raised 3 of 4 of your kids and now Mr. Hyde is living off of the generosity of Dr. Jekyll and that sumbyotch got the nerve to raise their voice, to yell & blame & point fingers about how they still can’t get a break. Mr. Hyde has the audacity to think that throwing $50 at Dr. Jekyll “for rent” (where you got that money…Dr. Jekyll doesn’t EVEN want to know) makes breaking your word, not doing what you need to do to get back on your feet, running the streets & then asking Dr. Jekyll to come pick u up, lying and…shall we go on…that it make it A-OK.


Perhaps Dr. Jekyll should not be reading Atlas Shrugged while she has a “looter” & user living under her roof - for my attitude is becoming a summation in this paragraph from the book:


“Perhaps I woe you an explanation, if I have misled you. I’ve tried never to remind you that you’re living on my charity. I thought that it was your place to remember it. I thought that any human being who accepts the help of another, knows that good will is the giver’s only motive and that good will is the payment he owes in return. But I see that I was wrong. you were getting your food unearned and you concluded that affection did not have to be earned, either. You concluded that I was the safest person in the world for you to spit on, precisely because I held you by the throat. You concluded that I wouldn’t want to remind you of it and that I would be tied by the fear of hurting your feelings. All right, let’s get it straight: you’re an object of charity who’s exhausted his credit long ago.  Whatever affection I might have felt for you once, is gone. I haven’t the slightest interest in you, your fate or your future. I haven’t any reason whatever for wishing to feed you. If you leave my house, it won’t make any difference to me whether you starve or not. Now THAT is your position here and I will expect you to remember it, if you wish to stay. If not, then get out." Henry Reardon, Atlas Shrugged


I believe Dr. Jekyll is about to have this conversation with Hyde. She will reflect on it, remember it OR she will be hitting the fugging door.