No Headphones Allowed

Just about every sing race that I have entered this year has a “No Headphones Allowed” policy on the race course. It is a sound policy. I understand. It really isn’t safe to run, bike, walk…whatever on the open road with headphones obstructing your ability to hear traffic or sounds around you that might give you a warning of imminent danger of becoming road kill.




I just can’t run without my music especially for any significant distance. Well, I can and have, but I just don’t want to. I hate it. Nothing but random thoughts of WTF was I thinking, this sucks, it hurts, the pain, when will this be over running ram shod through my head. (Oh, and GOOD FOR YOU to those “elite athletes” out there that have the ultimate control over their minds to not need music. Way to go! WHATEVER). I want my music, even if sometimes it is just my cadence tracks to keep me on a pace, to keep me company, to sing along to and to give me that burst of energy just at the right moment. (Playlist organization is KEY here).


Well, I have been searching high and low for an alternative to headphones in my ears. Some kind of wearable speakers or something that wont be in my ears and will not get me disqualified on the race course. AND I FOUND IT.


photo 1

Tuck Away Tunes


They are wearable speakers that go under your shirt right about your shoulders. They attach by a magnets that are pretty dang strong. *don’t put near anything that might get demagnetized*  I put them on under a sweat jacket and those puppies didn’t come off at all…I felt I was going to break them when I tried to just pull them off. DON’T. The music is loud enough for you to hear the lyrics and still hear what’s going on around you. I suppose if someone is close enough to you on the race course that they would hear your music too. OH WELL. They didn’t say NO MUSIC on the race course, now did they.

             photo 2   photo 3

So, I am RET TO GO! for Sunday’s Cherry Blossom 10 miler. NO headphones, just my wearable speakers…they won’t even see the cord. MUWAAAAHAAHAAAHAA! Ya’ll need to get you some of these.