Mother’s Day Grins & Giggles: Peasant Man Triathlon

Just for grins and giggles (and training purposes), I participated in the Peasant Man Triathlon with Becca on Mother’s Day..and we had a blast. We drove out to Lake Anna State Park in Spotsylvania, VA East Jablip, VA the night before to partake in the Peasant Man Bonfire & Pre-race BBQ.

                  marshmallo smores


Turns out that the Bonfire Virgin Sacrifice was cancelled. Turns out that "the virgin was a born again virgin and would not appease the gods” – actually, “they” wanted to charge $500 for the wood and wouldn’t let us burn at the beach. I was really disappointed because I brought a big bag of “Campfire” Sized Marshmallows. However, I couldn’t let those marshmallows & chocolate graham crackers go to waste. Becca and I posted up to a grill and started making everyone (that wanted one) S’mores. Good Times. We left the lake at about 9pm to make the 20min trek back to our posh hotel campground accommodations –- anytime the door to my hotel room is exposed to outside elements, the hotel doesn’t require a CC for incidentals and/or the walls to the bathtub look like they just couldn’t get all the blood from the last murder off, I consider THAT camping—so we could get some shut eye for the race.


Mother’s Day! Becca and I get up to partake in the complimentary breakfast served at our “campground”. I scarfed down some hard boiled eggs & a waffle & COFFEE!!! Becaa…I can’t remember. Then we were off back to the lake to set up our stuff in the transition area.

             timingchip  transition


  I know. It looks like chaos. I straightened it up. Don’t worry. I knew something was wrong when I got my wet suit on and I could barely breath. I also couldn’t rotate my arms. Guess my wetsuit was too tight (uh huh). I found out on this swim that unless the water is 60 degrees or less (and I’m not signing up for a race in frozen water) then I’m not EVER swimming with a wetsuit on. I just can’t…and I’m simply NOT going to invest in another wetsuit. I swim just fine without it. HATE THEM. I got enough blubber to keep me warm (I look just like a seal in my tri suit and why I also freaked out about the shark in the Potomac) and my own built in flotation devices to survive most open water swims. Might get me a Rash Guard to wear over my tri suit just for some protection, but that will be the extent of it. Just might use that $10 coupon to SportsAuthority to get that Rash Guard too! HUMPH. THUMBS DOWN on the WET SUIT.

DSC02086 DSC02087


And speaking of race packet goodies…I’m going to get me a RoadID ($5 off coupon on race bib – its in my bag somewhere) and maybe try out those compression sleeves – COUPON!! Good stuff! The race was fun, a good training exercise. I was really glad I did it to see where I was at for 6 weeks out to the Philly Sprint Triathlon. I completed this one in  2:04. The distances were a little off (not by much) but I’m thinking with 6 weeks of training to go, I can do the Philly Sprint in under 2:10/2:20. YES I CAN!


Oh, and by the way…not only do Black Girls Run…Black Girls Tri too!


The finish line was a real treat as they called out your name as you came down the hill and gave encouragement. You were greeted at the finish with cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcakes and with a souvenir glass. You were then hustled off to a BBQ that was slammin’ or I was just ravenous.

beccafinish2                   cupcakes gift2

I have to warn ya’ll. This stuff is addicting. I hear rumor that my BFF Ms. Pattey is taking swim lessons and looking at bikes in preparation to do a Sprint Tri on Labor Day Weekend. I’m not saying anything…I’m just sayin’.


How ‘bout a Threesome – swim, bike, run?


So, what did you do for Mother’s Day? I hope you had an awesome weekend.