National Fitness Month Giveaway!


May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month. WOO HOO! Most days are a fitness milestone for me and I HAVE to get it in just to keep Uniqua (my fat alter ego) at bay – especially since I seem to have absolutely no self control for anything else but submitting myself to pain & suffering. I must like it. I must, right?


N.E.WAY. I thought I would celebrate with all of my lurkers readers by sponsoring MY very own giveaway. Yes, fitness fans, this one is all on me. The prize was purchased by yours truly, The TravelDiva…who for the Month of May shall be known as The FitnessDiva!


Here’s what’s up for grabs:


Your very own pair of personal wearable speakers from SafeSound  Sports. Ya’ll remember me talking about the wearable speakers that I got to wear while running in races where you can’t wear headphones or on my bike (on these windy country roads out here, you HAVE to be able to hear your surroundings). Well, I had another version on order that came in after I got the others so, I’m going to share these with a lucky “Elite” Athlete. (Did you get off the couch? You’re elite)


So to win your very own Personal Wearable Speakers here is what you have to do…you get one entry for EACH thing you do:

  • Leave me a comment HERE ON THIS BLOG and tell me what you are doing/starting/planning to do this month to step up your fitness game (one entry)
  • Tweet this and let me know you did by either including @thetraveldiva in your tweet so I see it or telling me in a comment HERE ON THIS BLOG that you tweeted. (one entry)
  • Follow Me using one of the follow methods (Networked Blogs, Google Friend Connect or FeedBliz Subscription) and let me know you did it (one entry)

You can get up to 3 entries. GO FOR IT.


I’ll get you started…here is what’s on deck for May/June for the FitnessDiva:

May 8th – PeasantMan Triathlon (training triathlon)

May 21st – Warrior Dash

May 22nd – BE GREAT with NinteenSixtyNine as we Just Keep Swimming. (I’m going up to Philly to torture her, Muuuwaaahaahaahaa!…Just kidding)

June 5th – Annapolis 10K

June 11th – Washington DC Tri Open Water Swim Practice

June 26th – Philly Sprint Triathlon


Won’t you join me?