Another Lazy Mom Cereal Story

benefits of cereal-week  3

Now this thing right here pictured above…EVERY SINGLE DAMN THING ON DA PLANET!


Over the past 2 weeks we have discussed (or at least I have and you’ve lurked about) the benefits of cereal & did some breakfast option comparisons. This week, I’m supposed to talk about the role of taste & nutrition. Yeah, ok. When I got this weeks discussion & prize pack, I was like “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE, LUVA?” I immediately poured Princess Cara’s box of cereal into it, placed last weeks bowls and spoons on a tray beside it, showed it to her and WHA-LA…”Fix your own damn breakfast, let me sleep a while longer” was born.


Now, when we get ready for school (camp), she puts on her outfit I laid out, brushes her own teeth, put her spay moisturizer in her hair and goes down to fix her own gosh darn breakfast. I get a whole extra 15-20 min in the morning (on work days) to pull myself together cause she can fix her own tasty & nutritious breakfast all by her lonesome.


WHEW CHILE PLEASE! Tsk Tsk Pooh Pooh me if you want. You KNOW that you want to be able to do the same thing. Time is money. Sleep is manna from heaven.


I get back some time, sleep AND…Did you know?

  • Cereal is a great breakfast option because it is the number one dietary source of many key nutrients including iron, zinc and folic acid. Frequent cereal eaters tend to have better nutrient intakes.
  • A typical breakfast contributes more than 30 percent of needed calcium, iron and B vitamins while delivering less than 20 percent of daily calories.
  • In addition, ready-to-eat cereal is the top source of whole grain in kids´ diets.

Big G is the only leading line of kids' cereals to contain at least 8 grams of whole grain (48 grams recommended daily) and a good source of both calcium and vitamin D in every serving. In addition, cereal is an inexpensive but nutrient-dense option. On average, a bowl of cereal with milk is approximately 50 cents per serving.


Well, now you do. I bet you want one too! The good people over at General Mills through MyBlogSpark had been kind enough to provide me with another prize pack to give away.


If you would like to get one of these lifesaving time & sleep restoring cereal dispensers then LEAVE A COMMENT HERE ON THIS BLOG as your entry. I will pick a winner on THURSDAY, JUNE 30th.