BFF Fitness Weekend

I’ve been friends with Ms.Pattey for over 23 years. It all started when I pledged AKA grad chapter at Ft. Knox and has been going on ever since. I prolly talk (phone & texting) to her on & off just about every day (sometimes 3-4x/day depending on the daily drama)



We have been running the streets together ever since. We have shopped till we were stoopit, we have gone on trips where we tore the city down, we have wallpapered together, laid flooring, painted, constructed, gardened, decorated (recall: HANDY HOTness posts) and NOW we are working it out together. GO US!


My girl flew into the DMV for the weekend to hang and do the Zooma Annapolis 10k with me and when she got off the plane on Friday, we were “running” nonstop from the time I shoved her in the car at the airport. See…somehow I managed to snag me another victim to join me on the triathlon journey. You have to understand that Pattey and I are ELITE ALTHLETES in our own minds. Thus, what’s another athletic adventure to us. LOL. Pattey done gone and got herself some swimming lessons, ordered up some Tri magazines (she knows more about the sport than I do) and has been shopping for bikes. I pulled up at South.w.est Air Baggage Claim, opened the door, told her to jump in and we were off to look at bike stores.

biketesting We tested out and looked at “performance cycles” (cause a bike that costs the same as a mortgage payment is not just a bicycle) and got a lot of tips. Seriously, dude. “We (who da hell is WE) wouldn’t want to see you on anything less that a *insert blah blah..blah blah ba blah*. Did NOT my girl just tell you that price was the first consideration and that she wasn’t trying to win the damn race. Just sayin’.


On Saturday, we got up at the crack of dawn, downed some coffee and I took her to Bikram Yoga. Another victim. MUWAAAHAAAHAAHAA!!! SHE LOVED IT!!! Another convert.

patteyyoga lisapatteyyoga

We showered and got dressed and went off to pick up our race packets for the 10k…but FIRST, I dragged her over to Feet First for a “proper” shoe fitting. I couldn’t have her complaining that her feet hurt and she was busting her toe through the top of her running shoes. She kept swearing she wasn’t getting no new damn shoes, but yeah, ummm, okay. A minute on the machine and in the hands of a very good “Shoe doctor” and we had us a new pair of shoes. *insert evil shopping buddy laugh here*


After the shoe purchase we drove to Annapolis to pick up our race packets and were VERY disappointed with the “expo”. It was very small but I managed to spend a small fortune on gear. I fell in love with these sport dresses and various accessories…yeah, whatever. I needed wanted it.


We then went down to the National Harbor to meet another of Pattey’s long time friends – Soiz – (recall Grown Women Gone Wild, The 50th Birthday Celebration) and enjoyed a wonderful lunch & some shopping before heading back to the True Blessings Estate to get ready for the race.


Sunday morning, Pattey and I were up at the crack of dawn to get to Annapolis for the 10k. She kept cracking on me about how CO-ORDIANTED I was. I may be slow, I may be plump, but I LOOK GOOD doing this shyt.

raceready Pattey talks trash about how slow she is. LIAR. That Byotch be running a 10min pace leaving my slow as frozen molasses (12min pace) azz in the damn dust. She did wait for me at the finish line – which was at the top of a MOTHER EFFIN HILL – and we collected up our achievers necklace, snack bag and were back at the house by 10 am.

        beforerace  bazu-310551


…and then it was time for the DEBAUCHERY to begin with the Ultimate Milestone Party (that will be another post) – and I have to say that Pattey & I put a damn hurt on those cocktails. One of the best parties EVER!!!!


I just have to say that I feel blessed to have some of the most wonderful TOP MAFIA in my life. It is the awesome to have such close & awesome friends…the bring a shove, don’t ask no questions, can’t/won’t remember where the bodies are buried friends.


Love you, Pattey. It was a wonderful weekend!