The Ultimate Milestone Party

I threw a party last Sunday after the Zooma Annapolis 10k to celebrate several milestones:

The FireMarshalls’ 46th Birthday

The FireMarshall & The TravelDiva’s
24th Wedding Anniversary

28 years of love & friendship between us

23 years of Friendship with MsPattey – HandyHOTness


               anniversary  beforerace

It was an awesome party! The crabs (thank you Benny!) were tore down. You savages. The ribs were slap your momma delish (thank you Darren!) OMG! Those drinks…Seriously…I think I am going to have to buy me one of those slushy machines. GMa Sandy put her foot off in some Bourbon Slushes. I put together the batch of Pain Killers (yep, there was no pain had). Princess Erin…hell, I don’t know what she put up in that machine but let me tell you…SLAMMING! My classmate, Ron Pachenco brought an entire CASE of fabulous wine. YOU ROCK – and apparently the wine rocked too as it was consumed in great quantities. Thank you to all of you that brought gifts & cards & just yourself to celebrate the fun!


The weather was on our side and despite it getting a little steamy, we rocked the back yard with music, line dancing, eating, DRINKING, talking, DRINKING and just having a great time. There were so many hilarious stories and things going on that it would take me days to go regale you with them all. Next time…you just need to RSVP yes or if you did and didn’t show, well, you missed it.


You missed the impromptu line dance class, my sister inviting some “relatives” (distant relatives) over & the subsequent TP movie unfolding, the boy who got into the “adult beverage” machine and promptly spit it back into the ice bucket (NOT HIS GLASS), the intense discussion about being a sovreign citizen –(still getting the O_o from all of us and the FBI), the skirt chasin’ after married women, the politico’s who were promptly handed a Pain Killer and ignored and SOOOO much more.


I had a wonderful time!…what I can remember. As MsPattey’s daughter told us after the 10K…”Let the Debauchery Begin” and we did. Enjoy the video!

The Ultimate Milestone Party