Courage & Inspiration–The DC Triathlon


I participated in the DC Triathlon this Sunday as a relay team and once again I was inspired to keep going & growing in the sport.  The Tri club I belong to (TriUnify) put a “ragtag” group of us together – a young lady w/special needs decided she wanted to exert some independence and tackle the swim portion (with a club member swimming with her the whole time) and myself & another young lady volunteered to do the bike & run portion to complete the team.


Our swim teammate was SO EXCITED & motivated. From the time we picked up our packet to her coming into transition to trade chips with me…COURAGE & INSPIRATION

She got in that water & FINISHED! While I wasn’t able to watch…it may not have been pretty, she may have used every stroke known to man…but she got in & completed the swim. SHUT THE DAMN DOOR!

     IMG_1104  IMG_1106

There were so many more moments of COURAGE & INSPIRATION…from the man with one arm completing the Olympic Distance, to the 76 year old woman gritting & bearing it, but finishing it, to the man that carried the American Flag the whole time (not sure if he swam with it too).


I was moved almost to tears, when a sister of a TriUnify member recognized me from my blog & 1st Triathlon Video and told me that my video INSPIRED her & gave her the COURAGE to do her first triathlon. WHO KNEW? You just never know how/who you INSPIRE.

    IMG_1114       IMG_1109

I am INSPIRED by my girlfriend, Pattey, as she drinks the Triathlon Koolaid (from a damn pitcher) with me. I am INSPIRED & see COURAGE in my girlfriend, Nineteen69, as she deals with fear & uncertainty on her first upcoming Triathlon next weekend with frankness & grace…and keeps True North. COURAGE.


I am thankful to Becca, who convinced me that I could do this – I drank that same Koolaid I gave to Pattey – and is a fabulous training partner (when we can get it in together).


Thank you to my relay teammates today! I had a wonderful day with you and all of the TriUnify members I met for the 1st time this weekend. YOU ROCKED IT!


Why do I Tri?