Benefits of Cereal–An 40yr Old+ Mom’s Take

I’m tired. A lot. And yet I still try to provide the best for my husband and kids. While I do have (only for the summer months) two young adults around the house, the rug rat I’m most concerned with when it comes to eating…eating right & good…is Princess Cara.


She’s finicky, wants her food prepared a certain way – NO CO-MINGLING – and so on and so forth. Typical 7 year old, huh. The FireMarshall and I have raised 3 kids to pretty much the “get da hell out & stay out phase”, but we got one more late in life – to us…and we be tired. Not indifferent, just kinda like – whatever you want as long as your quiet, there is no arterial blood spurting & the house is not on fire tired. I know ya’ll know what I mean.


So, when it comes to getting ready for work & school, we are of the mind set of how late can I sleep and still get ready, Princess Cara ready and out the door without being late. How do you provide a halfway decent breakfast and not have to get up at the crack of dawn (like my grandmother) to fix a breakfast…that the little demon won’t even eat.


CEREAL. That’s the ticket…and The Princess Diva will eat it happily. Thank you, Jesus, for small favors.


Recently, General Mills commissioned a survey of D.C.-area parents (and NO, I wasn’t one of them) to uncover their children's eating habits, as well as what they deemed important to help ensure their children grow up healthy. Nearly all (97 percent) agreed it was important for their children to eat breakfast and four out five (86 percent) said cereal was a healthy breakfast choice. What were they looking for in options for their family's breakfast?

  • 81 percent cited good flavor as important (Whatever, as long as she will eat it – well, so I guess that is on target)
  • 60 percent want a breakfast packed with vitamins and minerals (Added benefit, if she’ll eat it)
  • 59 percent look for convenient options (Yep, fast & furious)
  • 40 percent want a breakfast option that is low in fat  (yeah, that’s cool too)
  • About a quarter said they were interested in breakfast options that had at least 8 grams of whole grains (24 percent) (HUH, okay)

Check out more findings from the survey here: D.C. Parent Survey


Did you know?

  • Cereal is one of the healthiest breakfast options you can make (See video below to learn more) – GO ME!!!
  • Packed with nutrition, cereal provides a great choice for breakfast – GO ME AGAIN!
  • Studies have shown that kids who eat breakfast tend to perform better in school and have fewer disciplinary problems. They also have shown that breakfast also tends to help kids stay alert. – A good breakfast AND beatin’ dat azz erry now & den too!

Click the link below to watch a video about the benefits of cereal and learn more at www.cerealbenefits.com.

Click here to watch video


Bottom line. Turns out that I’m not killing my kid by feeding her cereal for breakfast most mornings. She eating, it’s good for her (I read the labels) and she is not going to school hungry. GO US!


PooPoo, cereal if you want. My Princess gets a healthy breakfast that she will eat without drama, tears & yelling. I’m just too damn old & tired for the nonsense.


benefits of cereal- week  1

Hey – would you like to give your rug rats an opportunity to give cereal a try?  GREAT! Leave me a comment – HERE, ON THIS BLOG…IN THE COMMENT SECTION. (Seriously, why I got to get all specific) and tell me which cereal benefits are most important to you and your family (if any) and/or leave me a question you wish you could get an expert's opinion on when it comes to cereal as a breakfast option.

AND YOU COULD WIN A PACKAGE OF CEREAL AND A MILK CARAFE (Pictured above).  Drawing will be done on Tuesday, JUNE 14th.

So, come on out of the lurking status and tell me what you working with when it comes to feeding your rug rats on the quick & dirty…and nutritiously at the same time.

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