Army-Navy Football 2011

We won the Tailgate, the March On and the Coin Toss…but we (Army) lost the game…AGAIN. A Decade of Depression. At least this game was respectable in that it was close. We just can’t seem to stop fumbling and making error after error after error. We just can’t seem to hold the line, to stay strong, to bring our A game. Sigh.


Despite another year of crushing disappointment, I had a wonderful time hanging with my friends & classmates at the game. Absolutely a BLAST! I’m still in recovery and probably need a detox session.


Enjoy the video of the day! BEAT NAVY 2012…please.

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  1. That was suck a good game! I just KNEW y'all were going to beat us this time. Oh! My nerves girl! GREAT GAME!