Twas The Day Before Christmas…

…and we were busy, busy, busy! My Baby Maia came into town (yeah, yeah…her parents too) so her parents could go the Redskins/Vikings game, our annual Christmas Eve Party and leave out of BWI to fly to Val’s brother’s house in TX for Christmas.


While Manny & Val went to the game. Princess Cara, Princess Maia and I got busy making a Ginger Bread House & Christmas Bark (made famous by CreoleInDC). Princess Maia brought Princess Cara an apron for Christmas and once opened and attired, we got to cooking.

                    IMG_4076  IMG_4077

                    IMG_4087  IMG_4080

These ladies were serious about that Ginger Bread House. Look at the intensity here as we decorate. What Fun!




After we got done with the Ginger Bread House, I had my helpers work on melting chocolate (under supervision) for the Christmas Bark. Let me tell you how hard it is to keep those little fingers out of the chocolate. They kept insisting on doing taste tests for the sake of the Kingdom. Wanted to make sure that the Bark was fit for consumption and distribution to friends & family. I let the Princess sprinkle the nuts and dried fruit on the chocolate to make their own versions. Interesting how they were very meticulous about nut placement.



What a lovely idea. I’m hoping they are ready in time for me to take to the parties I have to go to this evening.


I hope your Christmas Eve has been starry & bright. Have you been a busy bee today?