Thursday (Holiday) Thoughts


My outdoor Christmas Tree has the serious gangster lean going on…yeah, and it will probably stay that way for a while. Not feeling like going out there and trying to straighten it up.


I mailed off my Secret Blog Santa gift today! I think I was very clever, but it is going to be real easy to figure out who it came from. Probably obvious.


Saturday is the Holiday Cookie Exchange Party. I’m so excited to see everyone. I’m thinking the Signature Cocktail is going to be Sparkling Cosmo’s. They look so delish & festive in the picture.


I’m done with all the Christmas Shopping. Finished today. If it ain’t got by now, well, you ain’t getting it. HUMPH.


Now to wrap it all up. Sigh.


The Queen Mum and I have movie night tomorrow night. Gonna see the new Mission Impossible in the IMAX theater. Hope she is springing for some pre-movie cocktails. Hint. Hint.


A new member of my TOP MAFIA shared some news with me today about an opportunity that could mean big things for their family. I have my whole family in prayer over this coming to fruition. We’ve claimed it. It is yours. I’m so happy for them.


I am also thankful, that at this age or time in my life, that I can make new friends that can go into the TOP MAFIA category. It is hard and rare. I am blessed.


The Prince, Heir to the Empire, Protector of the Realm is coming home this weekend for Winter break. You know I got that cheese eating Kool-Aid Momma grin on already.


Ms. Pattey & I best get off our azz and get to running. We done bit off a big ole chunk of running for next year. RUN, PATTEY & LISA, RUN.


Yeah…and that USAT Challenge…SWIM, LISA, SWIM!


Princess Charlee snuck up on me at the Mall today and tried to get all up in my bags. Naw player. Move along. Nuttin’ to see.


I’m going through some holiday TV withdrawal…what da hell I’m s’pose to do without The Walking Dead & Boss till 2012. When does Game of Thrones Season 2 come on?


Winter is Coming!


What you thinking bout?


  1. Never too old to make a new lifetime friend!

    You would be so proud of me swimming like a baby dolphin. I did great at practice with my new flippers this morning. Our 5:30 am Swim crew rocks.

    See you at the soiree on Saturday!

  2. You should try Hell on Wheels, which comes on AMC. It's pretty decent.

    I set up a very light budget this year for my shopping due to my separation plans. Less stress and I like it. LOL

    I have more time on my hands these days, so I'm playing catch up with things.

    Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday. I miss your face!

  3. I can't wait to see you guys on Saturday!!! and yes some of my best friends have been made since I became an adult with maybe the exception of 2

    I'm tired.. did no shopping.. I'm going to order everything on friday and give everyone a card with pictures of their gifts.. hell I'm tired they know heart!