A Year of Cycling with the BMWCC

Friday night I went to the Baltimore Metro Wheelers Year End Happy Hour and I compiled, with the help of Rick, ReggieC, MikeD and others from the club, video and pictures from several of the rides & outings with the club.


I hooked up with BMWCC by random happenstance (although I don’t believe in just coincidence) one day out at Sandy Point after completing an open water swim practice and it has been an absolute joy ever since.


Becca and I walked back up to out bags and were trying to decide how far we were going to go when a group of about 8 cyclists from BMWCC – a predominantly Black Cycling Club (Baltimore Metro Wheelers Cycling Club) rode up. OMG! We struck up a conversation – they had already done the first half of their 50 mile and were about to turn around – DID WE WANT TO JOIN THEM? Hell yeah! One of the riders, Ken, was gracious enough to offer bringing us back to the park after riding 20 miles out to BWI. The game was on!

It was the best group ride I’ve been on to day…wait…it was the ONLY group ride I’ve been on. It was challenging (as they pushed me faster than I was used to going) and absolutely wonderful & fun to have people to ride with that watched out for you, talked & joked with you and were just all around supportive of you (not to mention also looked like you). Black Girls (& Boys) DO Bike, Swim, Run. YES!!!! I can’t wait to go again.

We did 20 miles from Sandy Point to BWI Observation Lot and I didn’t really know that I could go that fast. That last hill at the end whipped me out but I made it.

Shout out to Tania, Carol, Ken and all the other riders (I apologize for forgetting your names) for taking in two stragglers and making us feel right at home.

It was like this the rest of the season with the cyclists from BMWCC. Becca and I are certainly the weakest/slowest cyclists in the group…or perhaps we just ride different as we mostly train for triathlon’s and it is a lot different than group riding or when cycling is your primary focus; however, not once was I ever dropped (I may have been left behind, but I was never abandoned). The cyclists in the club are all the most helpful & encouraging bunch of of cyclists EVER. On every ride there was always some one sharing their knowledge, coaching through adversity & challenges and/or just encouraging to push through. They all inspired a trust & confidence (especially when drafting or in traffic) that I could and would get better & stronger.


Thanks for a great 1st year for me. I look forward to riding with you in 2012 & beyond.


So, fellow “elite” athletes…have you found a club (Tri, cycling etc) that has made all the training and “practicing” your sport fun? Do tell!

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  1. love it!!! this year I haven't really networked with many outside of the Usual Suspects who share my love for fitness, running etc.. recently I connected with BGR DC and began some group training runs.. 2012 will be a great year and I can't wait to enjoy the continued camaraderie