IM 70.3 Cozumel Training: I Should Know Better

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Late Saturday afternoon, I got a text from one of my doctors I call on that cycles asking if I wanted to go on a 45-50 mile ride on Sunday and bring some of my Tri Unify buddies.


I posted it up to our FB page and I got one response from Becca that she would join us.


I didn’t put too much planning into my ride – AS IN A NUTRITION PLAN- since I was busy having a date night with The Prince and just pulled some stuff together when I got home – AT MIDNIGHT – threw it in my bag, set the clock for 5am and went to bed.


I got up, grabbed a yogurt & some granola to eat on the way (didn’t want to be late), grabbed 2 bottles electrolyte drink, the frozen coconut water I had in my freezer, an apple, some potato wedges and figured I had some gels/bars in my Tri bag.




I was fine the first 30 miles and then…and then my casualness about my nutrition plan on a long ride tagged my ass AND HARD. I literally fell asleep on my bike (or dozed off) and when I mentioned  to Dr.W that I was feeling odd, sleepy and a tad shaky he pulled us off for a stop and I practically fell off my bike. I had the shakes like you wouldn’t believe. I was hypoglycemic and probably volume depleted.




We got some fluids in me and I ate what I thought I could keep down, which wasn’t much. A protein bar that made me gag after 2 bites and what ever I had left – 1 energy gel. We were 10-15 miles out from the car with one BIG A HILL at the 5 miles left mark.


I gave it a good ole try and made it another 10 miles, but just as we started to climb that last hill…I WAS DONE. I was disoriented and just couldn’t pedal anymore. Becca stayed with me to walk up the hill and we sent the guys on ahead to the top.




As we were walking up that hill – which the top seemed to get farther away with each step – God answered prayers when a car with a 4 bike rack on it pulled over. Two ladies got out and started walking down the hill to check to see if we needed assistance.


YES WE DID! Well, YES I DID…and I cried for joy…I cried over my stupidity…I cried because I didn’t want to hear TheFireMarshall’s mouth…OR MY COACH (they both let me have it too!)…I cried because I love this sport – where there is a camaraderie – a KNOWING of the trials & tribulations – where people help, advise, cheer & render assistance…I cried.


Barb & Karen – THANK YOU! You saved me and resorted my belief that people are decent & kind. You pulled me off that road, fed me and gave me a ride back to my car when I didn’t know how in the world I was going to make it 2 more steps let alone 5 more miles. I mad that we didn’t take a picture.


Barb & Karen – THANK YOU!


Lesson Learned – Plan to Train, Race the Plan. Take the time out to eat & follow my nutrition plan. DO IT…or be VERY SORRY FOR IT…(DNF, crash and/or get hurt – bad)


See…When you don’t follow your nutrition plan on a long ride, you get hypoglycemic. When you get hypoglycemic, you get disoriented & shaky on your bike. When you get disoriented & shaky on your bike, you cycle into a tractor trailer.




Just Sayin’