Vacationing Despite a Derecho


Friday night we were all staging stuff for a family vacation at a house we rented with some friends in OC when all of a sudden – like out of nowhere – it sounded like a freight train was speeding THROUGH our house and before we could even start severe storm preparations (filling up tubs with water, staging candles etc.) the power went out.




I got up the next morning and decided to go “foraging” for some food, more water etc. since out power was still out and I didn’t want to open the fridge to even pull anything out. Less than one mile up the street at our local shopping center, power was restored and doing brisk business.




I called the rental company to make sure we still had power – we were a GO – and we packed up the van & cars, sweating like I was doing the most intense workout EVER and rolled out, leaving The Prince at home to check on things (he went to a friends house/Grandma’s house in between) and take care of the Royal Cats & Royal Dog…and NO…we didn’t throw The Prince under the bus – he wanted to stay at home so not to miss any of his training & hang with friends.


But he is living up to his name – Prince Jordan, Heir to the Empire, Protector of the Realm…when he isn’t playing Xbox or at the Martial Art Center.


The trip to OC was uneventful and we arrived at the house by 4pm. We rented well! The house is awesome and when just when you think that four levels is going to be too much – there is a friggin ELEVATOR in the dang house. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!

IMG_1050 IMG_1062

IMG_1058 IMG_1043IMG_1049

We had a loverly time just walking on the boardwalk – watching the sights. Let me tell you…the shenanigans, clothing choices and just plain “honey badger don’t give a fug” about anything mess going on down here…brings me joy for a people watcher lover. JOY!!


…and {{{O_O}}}



IMG_1133 IMG_1131

  IMG_1105 IMG_1117

Yesterday, we spent the day on the beach…a BEAUTIFUL, RELAXING DAY…made all the more better with Sippy cups filled with special juice – FOR ADULTS ONLY! – and made FANTASTIC by the fact that the house was a block away from beach for refills. AWESOME!


The power is still out at home – almost 72 hours since it went out – but we got plenty here. Back to the Beach!


DMV – do you have power back on yet? How did you fare the Derecho? What are your plans for the 4th of July?


Have fun! Keep your Sippy Cup filled!