Princess Cara’s Garden: First Harvest


We returned from our family vacation, unpacked and I checked Princess Cara’s Garden. Lookie. Lookie. We have a huge Zucchini, a cucumber and some banana peppers. WOO  HOO.


Once again Princess Cara’s Garden is coming along quite nicely and we were met with a wonderful surprise…watermelon’s are growing. Now, we didn’t plant any this year, but they must have been still there, dormant, under the soil, because all of a sudden…I had to weed around and train on a trellis the watermelon vines. Those suckers will cling to anything it can get ahold of, chocking out anything in its way. GardenDiva & Princess Cara Rock.

 IMG_1276 watermelon2

Now I have to do some research on when to harvest my Kale before it gets totally ate up by rabbits and bugs. Also, how do I know when to harvest my carrots? Lastly, are my cauliflowers a done deal? The leaves look healthy enough, but I don’t even see a bud of a “cauliflower” yet. What ta do? What ta do?

IMG_1278 IMG_1275

                          Kale                                                      Carrots

                cucumbers peppers


How’s everyone’s garden coming along? Did you plant one this year…even a small one? And NO Terri…I AM NOT getting chickens or a goat…yet.