Growing Champions


Wednesday, Strive2Tri Youth Triathlon Club (of which I am a proud board member) had their group training session with the kids. We did a group ride, run and then a relay with the youth…all in preparation for a “Splash & Dash” we are putting on in September.


I brought Princess Cara along because she has been constantly asking to go with me to workout since she learned to ride her bike. She likes to ride while I run and lately she has been eyeing my bling and is always asking how she can get a medal.


SHE LOVED IT!…and she is a natural. Fast, strong & enthusiastic.

IMG_2343 IMG_2341

IMG_2340 IMG_2351

I loved working with the kids who all tried so hard, had a positive attitude and were enjoying themselves. Two older kids who had just learned to ride a bike last week, gave a demonstration of their new bike skills and did 2 laps around the lot. AWESOME!!! We are so proud of them.


Princess Cara, my junior triathlete, the future IronWoman is primed and ready for swim practice on Friday.