Black Friday Shopping & Tea at the Four Seasons

We ventured out yesterday on alledgedly the busiest shopping day of the year. My girlfiend Terri, daughter Erin, her friend Ashley (affectionately known as "The Ash"), and my niece Charlee jumped in the H3 and ventured into DC/Northern VA to the Pentagon City Mall. It wasn't nearly as crazy and packed with people as we expected and to add insult to injury, the post holiday "sales" were not even close. I think the day after Christmas is much better and I will definitly have to check back in with everyone then and let you know how I made out.
Now don't get me wrong, I did pick up just a few items. We did stop in Nordstroms at the St. John boutique and - well I'll be darned - there was two 50% off racks of St. Johns. Well, I just found this awesome Chocolate Knit skirt and matching top. I did draw the line at the $250 belt. I was only willing to go so far. So then Terri sides up to me and asks the question of the day - "Do you always spend that much on an item of clothing?" Well, that depends on what it is. If it is a St. John, in which I always fell like a million bucks - fits well, hangs right, no matter where you go you are appropriately dressed - HELL YEAH, BABY! Ring it up and put it in the bag.

The rest of the day we just walked around the mall trying to find some shopping deals and at 3pm we jumped back in the Hummer and were off to the Four Seasons in Georgetown for Tea.

I love shopping and then having tea. I would have preferred to go to tea at the Ritz Carlton attached to the mall but it was booked. I was able to get reservations at the Four Seasons so...of we went. Everything was just so at the Four Seasons, from the valet to the table setting and lets not forget the champagne. Yummy. The pictures speak for themselves.


  1. cannot believe you blogged that! Will I never live it down? Must I be a hick from Kentucky forever???


  2. What a combination. Shopping and Food. Looks like you enjoyed yourself, and I know what you mean... 50% off rack at Nordstrom and St. Johns... I have to cross the border to get to those great sales. It's always great to meet up with other diva's.... Thanks for dropping by and I hope you are enjoying your Thanksgiving!