A Diva Makeup Outing

Today I indulged myself in a rather expensive yet totally luxurious afternoon with a private session at Nordstrom with Trish McEvoy and her legions of makeup artists. We started with a workshop with Trish (while munching on cheese, fruit, veggies, etc.) learning so many neat makeup tips and beauty secrets. I felt like the Diva that I know I am. If you can't be thin - you certainly can look absolutely smashing everywhere else. After the workshop we were wisked away by one of her makeup artists that (with absolutely no pressure) asked you about your goals for the day, what you wanted to work on or learn and then spent the next 2 hours working with you on your face. My biggest takeaway...I don't need to wear my foundation so heavy and a eye cream is a secret miracle. I walked away with almost everything and a new Trish Planner to store it all. You should have seen me struttin' my stuff as I walked out of there with my bags (one bag was filled with Trish gifts to include the book pictured to the left). Princess moment. I wish all of my girlfriends a princess/diva moment at least once a year!

Another great adventure.