Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! Our friends, the Pollheins, came into town to visit us and Joe's family for the holiday's. Last night, we took them to our favorite restaurant - The Iron Bridge Wine Company. We had a fantastic time - great company, hilarious conversation, wonderful food and even better wine. We talked just about anything, so candid in fact that we almost ran the couple sitting next to us out of the restaurant due to shock and awe. Hilarious.

We then went back to the house, started the fire place, opened another bottle of wine and hung out. Right up until Cara did the projetile vomit thing again. It was absolutely horrifying - AGAIN. Once we got that cleaned up, it was back to the bottle (of wine) again. We spent the next few hours drinking and talking about life. It was a great evening.

This morning, I got Terri out of bed (well, she was already up and sneaked up on me making a cup of coffee) and we went to my gym and did the Gobble Ride (Spin Class). It was supposed to be a 90 minute class, but when I saw Terri saying her Rosary and cursing me out about the class, I decided to cut it short and get her off the bike. She said her bum was on fire. Terri managed to take a picture of me on the bike. Notice there is no picture of her. She is still cursing me hours later.

Well, I gotta get to cooking and getting me drunk on. Family is coming over and I need to be at steady state before anybody gets her just so I can be sane and not say anything crazy. More later.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!