Unemployed Diva?

Well, the day has finally arrived. Pfizer has decided - in the spirit of transforming the company to lead the way into a new dawn - to restructure and resize the sales organization to "support Pfizers key products, meet customer needs, and become more agile." So it finally dawned on someone that we were too damn big to get anything done and "as a result of this restructuring, Pfizer will be reducing the size of their sales organization by 20 percent. In about 5 minutes, I have to be on a conference call with my Regional Manager to get more details, but the bottom line is I will know NLT December 8th whether I'm still "retained" with the company. Here is the question on everyone's lips - "Are you on Kindlers list?" (Jeff Kindler is the new CEO).

The severance package they are offering is generous. Won't have to sweat too much. What is interesting though...I'm not the least bit upset or worried. WHATEVER. What I am is tired - tired of the bulls--t, tired of all the changes every other day, just plain tired. It would almost be a relief if I did not get retained. I'm gonna have to get my act together, draw on some reserves and get re-motivated. Gotta go get on this conference call. Check in with the world later.

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  1. AHHHHHHH! Really?????
    Mixed blessing or answer to your prayers, my Diva friend?????

    Let me know what happens!