Without Major Drama

Thanksgiving dinner went off without major drama this year. Everyone was pleasant (as pleasant as family could be)and we had a great time. Even Grandma Willie didn't say anything too irritating. We never did get to discuss her getting her eyes done though. She refuses to have her cateracs (sp) taken care of because alledgedly "nobody will be able to take care of her." I'm not sure what she means by that - of course there would be. My question back all the time is "who is going to take care of you when you can't drive anymore at all or can't see." I love my grandmother to death; however, I have a family too and won't be able to quit my job, move in with her, and wait on her hand and foot. This is something she did for her parents and I know that God has a special place in heaven for Grandma's like her. I just can make the same sacrifice at this time. I just wish she would reconsider, but I can only do so much. Thus I'm left to worry.
Laura is out of jail and we went to pick her up from the Cedar Motel Apartments so she could have dinner with us. She took all of the Tupperware and ziploc bags that I had to take back food with her to the Motel. Now that she has a fridge and microwave she "doesn't have to eat fast food all the time." Wow is all I can manage.
My mother's birthday fell on Thanksgiving this year and the gift I got her, of course, did not arrive in time. Sometimes internet shopping doesn't work out quite right - epecially if you got IT from Ebay.
After all was said and done and everyone went home, the Triptophan kicked in and I passed out on the couch. After a short nap I was back at it putting all the Christmas decorations up. They MUST be up immediatly to maximize the Christmas Spirit. Another reason is we are having our big Army-Navy party and Open House next Saturday and I just had to get it done. Still have more to go.
I hope that everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving.

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  1. LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the corn dish and the stuffing! You should post the recipes!

    Thanks for everything, my diva friend!