BWI airport on a Sunday evening for a flight to LAX to gein my new journey at Schering. At least to attend the National Managers Meeting even though I'm not officially in the system (rather - on payroll) yet. They are still waiting for my DD 214 to clear the military and for me to hand over my passport for inspection. For crying out loud people, really, I am who I said I was and did what I said I've done. I really AM beautiful but could KILL you. PROMISE. Anyway, Ron drops me off at the airpot at 5 pm for my 6:30 flight, I get in the check in line and what is flashing on the screen: DELAYED until 9:30 pm. That mean waiting 3 hours in the airport for my flight to leave. This is a great beginning to my new job. Gonna miss that dinner in LA. I get down to my gate and there are no seats - the Chicago flight is delayed and everyone is watching the Chicago and whoever game on TV in the bar. I sucked it up and spent 7000 United frequent flyer miles for a day pass in the United Airline Club (forgot what they call it)

So I hang out, play on the computer, watch the game (kinda), eat the free snacks, drink the free soda and wait for the plane. It arrives at 9:20 (so much for the 9:30 take off) and we hustle onto the plane. IT IS PACKED. Not an empty seat and I get the window seat in the last row of the plane. HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY. I hunker down for some shut eye, wake up for the food I had to buy, try and watch the movie (All The Kings Men) which was just WAY to heavy of material for a plane flight, fell asleep again and woke up just in time for the last hour of intense turbulance as we make our approach to LA.

In the row across from us, I notice that the middle girl pulls out the airsick back and I immediatly have flash backs to my recent airsick incident (AKA - my exocist moment). She managed to warn everyone in the last row that if the plane does not immediately land or stop shaking - she's gonna blow. Just at the pilot makes a nose dive for the deck, she BLOWS. Oh Man! You just never get used to that sound. I mustered all the empathy I could, put back on my iPod despite the NO TECHNOLOGY WARNING (and the plane did not crash) and looked out the window.

We landed at LAX at 12:30 am West Coast Time (3:30 am EC), it took an hour for the luggage to get the belt, 30 min to get the the hotel. I finally put my head down at 2:30 am with a wake up call for 6:00am. Thank God for a Heavenly Bed.

I've gotta run for a group dinner, but I'll be back with some observations of Day 1 & 2 on the newly re-employed diva.

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  1. Poor baby! That cross country flight stinks and then to be so late taking off and such a rough flight!

    Could be worse. You could have been the one blowing! LOL

    Thank God for Ipods,hu?
    Anxious to hear all about your new job! Love,