Just Press the Easy Button

Just when I thought I was going to blow my brains out from just DAY 1 of home study, I receive a box from my girlfriend Terri and it had just the right thing in it to save me from redecorating my office with brain matter...I got an Easy Button. What a difference it makes! The commercial is right on with this one. One minute I'm sitting there at my desk reading another package insert, contemplating the best angle to guarantee immediate, yet final carnage when I decide to check the mail as a temporary diversion. Low and behold - an Easy Button! Well, that should take care of all my problems.

Back at my desk, I place my Easy Button in front of the computer monitor, log in to the exam website, and press the button - "That's Easy" it says. Okay. I start taking the exam. Why am I fussing over this thing. I was just told it was easy and the damn test is open book. I get through an exam that says will take 1 hour and 30 minutes in under 40 minutes. WHAM! I got a 97. WOO HOO. I press the button again - "That's Easy!"

If you don't have one - you gotta get one. Look Ma - no hands. "That's Easy"

Thank You Terri for the wonderful and fun gift. You made my day.

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  1. See....it's sorta like "Lisa Steptoe Voodoo! LOL!