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Possession is 9/10th of the Law -
Well we went to court this week to finalize the guardianship of Cara and of course the judge awarded full guardianship. Who wouldn't? Lap of Luxury vs. Cedar Lane Motel. Private School Education vs. Tough Streets Academy. What that means; however, is that I've got 16 MORE YEARS with another rug rat. Just when I thought I was done. Erin is up an out. Jordan has 3 more years and then Ron and I were on the fast track of empty nesting. WOO HOO! Not so fast, says the spider to the fly. So, here we are at 41 years old having to repurchase car seats, diaper bags, sippy cups and the like. NO JUSTICE - NO PEACE...and my criminal, sociopathic sister just thinks that having babies for someone else to care for is just the way it is.

I can bitch and moan about it or I can just get on with it and make that diaper bag a Gucci one. I shall continue to be relentless and let no obstacle or setback get in the way of a noteworth goal - nails, shopping, hair, spa.
Nervous Breakdown-The Diva Way
On Wednesday, right after court, I get a call from my soon to be new boss saying that they are going to provisionally okay my "onboarding" with Schering since the Army need 6-8 weeks to verify my DD214. I suppose that is reasonable, since they are a little tied up with selecting 20K more troops to go to Iraq. Since I managed to pass all other checks: credit, medical, background - they figured I will probably check out okay. The Army probably needs the time to see if they need a fat 40 year old to do a stint over in Iraq and if there is anyway they can reinstate me. HA! If that happens, you best get on your knees and start praying. They day they need a plump diva to defend the country is a definite sign we are in BIG TROUBLE.
Once the "onboarding" decision is made, it was a whirlwind of phone calls, forms and faxes in order to get me ready to go to a National Managers Meeting as my first day of work. Enterprise Rental until my company car is delivered, arranging delivery of my 2007 Ford 500, New computer, voice mail, direct deposit, employee number, corporate travel arrangements AND BY GOD - what in the world am I gonna wear to this meeting since I'm still plump. To top it off, we had a 8am Teleconference to go over some minute details and to discuss our 15 minute presentation on "Who You Are." I do not have time to censor myself. I start getting really agitated, breathing all hard and what not and in the middle of the kitchen start screaming about how I think this going back to work thing is a BIG mistake. WORK is a four letter word. Do I really want to do this? NO. Could we use the money? SORTA. DAMN, DAMN, DAMN, DAMN, DAMN.
Ron, once again, tries to solve my latest emotional crisis with words of wisdom from some book and if laser beams really came out of my eyes, he would have been a bloody mess. Why can't he just be quite at these moments and let me rant and rave for about 5 minutes, get it out of my system and after its all over, just say "I understand." NOOOOOOO. I gotta get a message from the Tony Robbins wanna be. You gotta love him for trying.
This video below (stole the idea from my girlfriend's blog) pretty much sums up what I feel: Despite all the drama...
I'm Gonna Make it After All

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  1. Lisa, this is Joe. I'm proud of you and I wish you continued success. You are like me in that you know you can't just sit! We will get into trouble if we sit!

    Love you baby!