Atlantis Bahamas - More Strikes

I decided to let the personal vacation slights go and just try to immerse myself in the experience or just abandon the Atlantis side and stay over at the Harborside Resort when we have two more incidences...
Stike 6: Modified Meal Plan - just don't do it. It is a complete WASTE of money but a big profit center for the resort. ($80/person per day which included breakfast and dinner meals). I signed us up for the the MMP, picked the restaurants we were going to go to for breakfast and dinner and received a confirmation. Once here, I was a little disappointed in the few dining establishments we were allowd to chose from after I saw all the other restaurants. The final straw came when we showed up at a restaurant that I was confirmed for, waited 20 min for a table, got us all situated and was told that they were no long a MMP restaurant. Here are my choices, pick everybody up and try to find a seat at another restaurant that does take the MMP or just pay for this dinner separately. We stayed and after dinner went back to the front desk to complain. They were tired of seeing me. We had them remove the MMP from our bill. Turns out that we spent less money per day just eating when and where we wanted then if we had kept the MMP. Go Figure.
Strike 7: I call to make reservations at Nobu (sushi place), get a confirmation for dinner and right before I'm about to hang up and go my merry way, the lady asks what the age of my kids are. Okay, I have a 3 year old with me. "Well, sorry ma'am, that restaurant doesn't accept kids under 6 years old. I will keep the reservation for you, but you will have to see the restaurant manager at 4pm to ask for an exception." I ain't askin for permission to do squat. But guess what, every other restaurant in the place was booked for dinner until 9pm. I'm really getting pissed. After a lovely day in the spa, I go see the manager of Nobu. No Way - Jose. No rugrats allowed. HOWEVER, this strike will be a recall (DO OVER) since the mangaer of Nobu called the manager of SeaFire Grill (a really nice steak house) and got us in at 7:30pm - circumventing the reservation natzi. Way to go Stepahnie.