Atlantis Redeemed

So, I raised holy hell, complained to anyone that would listen and after awhile a hush fell upon the resort wherever I went. Red carpet magically appeared, drinks suddenly became free, dinner reservations were already made, beach chairs with sunshade were immediately found. You could hear whispers of..."There goes the Steptoe woman...be on your toes." We have a sit down with the Starwood people to talk about our experience as an "Owner" and I laid it out my strikes (see previous blogs). I suddenly have a free casino credit - $50 - but it was our last night; free pictures & frame; discounts for other stuff and a limo to the airport.

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  1. The problem most people have, I find, is they whine, complain and bitch without purpose. You have an objective in mind - getting the service you deserve - and did what was necessary to make that happen.

    Unfortunate it had to come to that, but it's good you got it handled. My compliments.

    Should you find a spot in your sidebar, I'd be pleased to exchange links.