Let Me Be Clear

So...My sister was alledgedly homeless last Tuesday. Yesterday, she is riding around in a car - from where she got it from, I don't know - and asking me where she can get a tire for free since she just got a flat. Well, I'll be damned. Which part of the profile of a sociopath should we catagorize this on.
Since she has used my name and drivers license essentially as her alias on several occasions in the past, I was very irrate about this use of a car that she couldn't possible get registered, doesn't have a license to drive, no insurance etc.  Thus I sent her a text message on the phone that I am paying for telling her that if (and when) she gets pulled over and if she uses my name/drivers license to get out of trouble, I will turn her in and violate her back to the Maryland Correctional Institute for Women. Oh Yeah!
She promptly calls me back and DEMANDS for me to explain myself. The Audacity. She wants me to explain to her shack up, 60 year old, 5 teeth LOSER why I would say such a thing. She can't understand why I would be concerned about her using my identity after I almost got arrested for trafficing in cocaine and prosititution - something SHE did in my name. And wants me to make it CLEAR to the prune what I mean. I don't have to expain crud to that village idiot. As far as I am concerned she is going ....SKRATE TO HELL IN A HANDBASKET WITH GASOLINE DRAWERS.  All I can do is shake my head. I'm off to the State Police and the DMV to ensure that anything that happens while she is illegally driving a car is not done in my name.

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  1. Dear Lord, Lisa!
    You all ARE better then television! I am sorry she is back to her old tricks (no pun intended) again.
    Hope you enjoyed your Easter anyway!
    See you in a few weeks.