What's Mine?

We have been told that Cara is language delayed and has a limited vocabulary for a child her age. Well, she may have trouble saying "milk" (but after intense vacation therapy, she now pronouces it "mil-kah") and forming complete sentences for ordinary, everyday stuff; but when it comes to what is important - she's got no problem telling you what is her's.

During our little vacation to Atlantis, Cara has been caught telling us the following phrases:
1. My Yacht (can't say milk, but can say yacht just fine).
2. My Ocean - that's my girl...it's all her stuff
3. My Money and the famous line - "PopPop, give me MY money" - and she says it with such conviction.
4. My Starbuk (pronounced - Staaar-bukah)
4. My Toys, My Ice Cream and so on.

Basically, whatever you have is Cara's. What ever looks expensive is Cara's. Whatever she wants is Cara's. I thinks she's bluffing on the special ed stuff just to get attention.