Today is my knight in shining armours 42nd Birthday. Yeah, yeah...I'm always calling him my Knight - CAUSE HE BE. Now sometimes his armour is a little rusty and dented and his white horse is a tad dirty, but Ron is and will always be my Knight! He rocks. Probably don't tell him that enough, but since he gets this by feed - He will know.

Right now he is in the Carribean somewhere. I think he is still in St. Lucia working on a resort deal with his partners. Building the dream and making a Diva's dreams come true. I gave him his first real MP3 player (an iPOD) and some new threads on Sunday with the family. We had ice cream cake (one of his favorites) and champagne and we sent him on his merry way. He says he's workin but he pictures he sent from St. Lucia were just too beautiful for words.

Anyway, I hope he reads this and knows that he is loved. HAPPY 42nd BIRTHDAY.
I made a video slide show for his 40th birthday, but its still a good one...check it out at one of these links:

Ron's 40th Birthday Video or just go to http://salesdiva.neptune.com and choose Ron's 40th Birthday Video for grins and giggles.

Love Ya Babe.