Happy Mother's Day - What a Girl Wants

Happy Mother's Day! I hope all my friends & family had a wonderful day.

Despite all the drama and intrigue, I had a great weekend. This seems to be the year of blessings...

1. I was layed off from Pfizer. Yep, it was a blessing.
2. Within 12 days (see post "On the twelth day of Christmas") I got a better, higher paying job with Schering-Plough
3. My house (after 3 years of construction) is complete
4. I'll have been married for 20 years (to the same guy) on June 6th.
5. My 20th Class Reunion from West Point is coming up in October.
6. My collection of beautiful jewelry from my husband is growning.

and then there is today..
My daughter threw a BBQ at the house for my mother and I. My husband has agreed to sign a contract for an inground Swim Spa by Anthony Sylvan Pools. Lord have mercy. I'll never get out of it once its complete. I won't even want to go to work. My mother gave a gift certificate to the Spa at Lifetime Fitness. Yeah Baby!

And the best...My daughter gave me a consult at one of the best plastic surgeons in town for a tummy tuck and a little lipo...and my knight told me that if this is what I want - then schedule it. That's when I know there was a Gawd. I can't wait! I have been exercising like a mad man and dieting (I'm sick and tired of eating salad) - without a whole lot of results. It's a long sob story. I can't wait for my consult. I know everybody will have their two cents...WHATEVER. It's what a girl wants - and what this girl is gonna get.

WHAT AN AWESOME DAY. I know that I am blessed.

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  1. Wow...you really got some GREAT gifts this mothers day! And that is AWESOME the year you are having. Congrats on all your blessings!