On Anger

I've been searching around for blogs that I would enjoy reading and sharing thoughts with...people with like interests, ethnicity, likes/dislikes and so on. My search has led me to many african-american or black sites that I thought would be fun and interesting; however, what I have found is a whole lot of angry black people. It made me think...is my life boring and unintersting? Do I really live some kind of surreal wonder life where stuff just don't happen? Am I an empty headed Diva that just has nothing to say about the world and daily events? Why are so many of my brethern angry and ranting against the world?

I know that my life is anything but boring and unintersting. Like I've said many times before...The Steptoe are TNT - WE ARE DRAMA and we got plenty of drama goin on. Perhaps we do live in lala land...yep - we've done well. We have had a measure of success and wealth in our time. But we've paid the price 10x over. Of course, I didn't have a blog until after a lot of the major drama...
  • 12 years in an MLM where we worked like a damn DOG for the same amount of money that we could have earned with a part time job at Target - but that is another story
  • Almost losing our house when our "architech"...a member of our church...turned out to be nothing that he said he was and abandoned the project. Still havent' heard BOO from him.
  • Raising 2 of my sisters children after she went to jail for robbing her OWN family.
Shall I go on? And for my friends who know me- I may look like an empty headed Diva but ya don't graduate top of your class from the United States Military Academy being an empty headed idiot. I may be beautiful but I do know how to kill ya. There are plenty of people around me who could use an "OPEN PALM SLAP TO THE MOUTH" on a regular basis.

So why can't I find the time or inclination to write more intense, angry, deep posts. Now don't get me wrong...I get plenty angry about the world and people in general. There is plenty to get angry about. It's just that I have so much more stuff going on in my daily life that I can't work up the energy it takes to get all deep and angry...
  • A new baby - my sisters - and there hasn't been a baby in our house in 14 years
  • A new job - after being fired from Pfizer after 15 years of service
  • My husbands company & business partners - I now have to get on the calendar for an appointment for sex - and the last time he stood me up for two appointments. DAMN.
  • President of the DC/Baltimore Chapter of NSN - where I wonder if I just walk away, would the chapter still stand?
  • Lacrosse Mom
  • Beating back the fat chick within me...and feeling like I'm losing.
Shall I go on?

Maybe that is why I don't have a lot of readers besides my closest friends and family. So Be It. Don't you just want a break from all the hate and anger out there? If you hang around long enough, you'll occasionally get a really funny episode in the Adventures of The Steptoe's. Occasionally, it will just be ordinary stuff.

Enjoy the bland.


  1. Who think you're empty headed? They don't know you very well.

    I think you're heart's too full to be an angry person. Oh, you can get angry in a given situation, but you don't let it fester and infect your whole life. You're too smart for that.

    And yes you do outrageous things sometimes but that's the glory of you! You are so unique and wonderful! I have never met anyone like you. You're the best, Lisa. Don't ever doubt it.
    P.S. Did I mention the 11 inches I've lost? What about the 5 1/2lbs? Did I mention that? WOO HOO!

  2. Happy day!

    I have something for you...

    You've been TAGGED!