It Would Just Be Easier- Part 2

It would just be easier to deal with my sister if she really was a crack addict. If she was high all the time, I could just chalk up her lies & manipulations to her being high - BUT NO! She is just plain ole crazy. Here is her latest escapade...

I put her on a very limited cell phone plan ($60/month, 0.18 cents/min) because she would constantly go over her monthly rate ($59/month 600 anytime, unlimited nights/weekends) so that the bill would eventually be $100+. I had had enough. When she went two months like this and ended up not having phone service since she would use up her $60 pretty quick, she decided to call up Virgin Mobile and just change back to monthly rate. Then when I found out about it, she lied and said she didn't do it. When I asked Virgin-Mobile how she could change the plan without the vkey, I was told that she knew the security questions. I just can't believe the audacity. Time to cut her totally off since she thinks I am a Got Damn BANK!

Then she asks me if she could give me her new food stamp card for me to use and give her the equivalent value in cash. Has she lost her Cotton Pickin' Mind. So, how's it gonna look with me pulling up in a Hummer, wearing a St. John suit, Stuart Weitzman shoes picking up my allotment of government cheese, milk and eggs. Like I want to go to jail for welfare fraud...and she got mad when I told her I didn't particularly want to do a stint at the Maryland Correctional Institute for Women. Go Figure.

To top off the day, her parole officer called my house wanting to reach Laura. Apparently she needed to sign some papers or a warrant was going to be issued for her arrest. VOP - violation of parole.  And this is my problem how?  I asked why he called my house and he said my number was down for emergencies. Is this an emergency? No, Ma'am...but do know where she is? I am not my criminals keeper.

It would just be easier if she was a crack head. It would explain a lot.