Humanity Redeemed & Some Cheer

This past Saturday, my fellow man redeemed themselves, by coming to my aid. I was on my way into my nieces high school to watch her cheerleading competition when I hit what I thought was a wet patch on the sidewalk. Turns out that it was a big ole ice patch. All I know is that my feet left this earth and I landed dead flat on my back - "THUD"....followed by the back of my head bouncing of the concrete - "WHAK". (At least that was what it all sounded like in my head).
I think I stunned myself as I just layed there for a moment. When I opened my eyes, there were two people standing over me asking me if I was okay, trying to help me up off the ground, sitting with me while they checked to see if I was bleeding and then after all checked out, they helped me into the building. I was so moved by these two stangers expression of concern and help, I was brought to tears. They didn't just let me lay there on the ice while they continued into the line to get into the competition. Humanity Redeemed.

Okay, people...move along, nothing to see.....

So the whole family gathers to watch Charlee (the only niece I don't have custody of) in her Cheerleading Competition. We all gotta see if those tumbling lessons and cheerleading camp fees have paid off.

Charlee's team came in 4th place. We are very proud. Look at my girls....