Primary Election Depression

I have been voting in every elections since I was 18 years old. I have had to vote mostly absentee in the beginning because I was in the military and was hardly ever in my home state. Nevertheless, I have NEVER not voted. NEVER.

I have switched my party affiliation a couple of times as my political bent has shifted during my life, but once again I have NEVER not voted.

Today is the first time in my life that I am contemplating not voting in the primary. WHY, you ask? History is being made...why would you even think about it. This has been the most exciting time in politics in my lifetime and today I learned something new and it hit me like a lead brick....

I got my "Official Election Mail" today with my voting location and all kinds of tidbits of info. Ah, there is a "facsimile of the ballot you will be voting on Election Day" inside. Wow - Imma gonna need to keep this to put in my scrap book. WHAAAAAAAAT THE F____________K! These be the wrong people inside. Who be these people? I don't want to vote for none of these egg heads. WHAAAAAAAATTTTTTTT!

AAAAAH. Hell to the Naw. This ain't gonna work. I get me on the computer right quick and look me up some dang rules. I go the Maryland State Board of Elections and look up FAQ's...

Q: Must I vote for the candidates of the party that I am registered with?
A: It depends. In the primary election, you are only permitted to vote for candidates of the same party with which you are registered. In the general election, you can vote for any candidate regardless of party affiliation.

So, guess what boys and girls. I can't vote for my boy Obama in the primary. As as far as I am concerned, voting for anyone else, just to say I voted is a damn waste. I'm so fugggin' pissed, I want to jack slap someone....like my freakin' self....for not changing party affiliations (which had to be done in Nov07). I'm so sick right now. I've gotta lay down.

I pray to God that Obama gets the nomination. Imma just die. Kill me now...put me out of my misery.

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  1. OMG I would be devastated! I too have never, ever missed an opportunity to vote. Yesterday, I had a serious discussion with a young person who *gasp* told me they weren't voting. It was all I could do not to snatch a knot in his head!

    An hour later, after I climbed down off of my soapbox, that youngster had a more accurate understanding of contemporary history, and his civic duty. He actually thanked me and is going to vote on Tuesday. So hopefully he will make up for your missed vote.