My Valentine's Day

My day began with a kiss, a card, flowers and a new purse....

Not too shabby...The purse is just soooo beautiful...and RED - my favorite color.

I then spent the morning with Cara at her Dayton Oaks Classroom for their Valentine's Party. I'll admit right up front that I was over the top with my gifts. Especially for her teachers since I was weak over Christmas. I notices several ooos and aaaaahs going on in the back of the classroom (Bath & Body Works Shower Gel, Hand Sanitizer, Red Massage Hand Tool & Lip Balm, heart box of candy)...yeah, okay...it was all on sale.

Anyway...we made crafts, exchanged valentines and ate snacks. I just love that Cara thinks I'm the "cats meow" and is so excited that I am there. Every time I think that I'm tired or remember that I was almost done with rearing children, she looks at me with those angel eyes and I'm lost.

Ron and I went out to dinner at our favorite haunt...The Iron Bridge Wine Company. The Food is fabulous and the wine - enough said. I gave Ron an David Yurman Thouroughbred Cross Necklace at dinner over our champagne. HE LOVED IT!

A perfect day.

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like you had a wondeful Valentines Day!

    I really like the cross you got for Ron, and your gifts are wonderful (naturally!) as well.

    Talk to you soon!