Amafights/Quixspats - Part 2

To know where I stand before I go on with another MLM rant read Amafights/Quixspats - Part 1.

I'm really pissed off now with all of the drama over Am.w.ay/Qu.ix.t.ar and the Books, Tapes Functions (Tools) business - Especially after I received the following email:

To Free URA Members,

Transition to the Top

Hi everyone,
The UR Association Board and Leadership have been considering the format of the various URA memberships and access to urassociation.com. After seven months of providing complimentary access to the community website, we have decided to discontinue this abbreviated version of access to the website. We want to offer only the best community website where business owners have full access to Events, Education, Videos, Resources, and Photos.

When will the complimentary websites be discontinued?
The website will be suspended on March 1st. We encourage you to upgrade to the basic, premium, or premium plus membership to gain the benefits of being a UR Association Member. Thanks for all you do and keep up the good work!

In other words, unless you pay a minimum of $25.00/month (basic package) and get a few tapes and other business support material automatically sent to each month whether you need it or not, you can't access the organizations website and find out about events or other resources available to you. Uh, huh. I thought (and according to the Business Support Material Agreement everyone has to sign) that the tools of the business were VOLUNTARY. Lies from the pits of Hell. There isn't anything voluntary in that letter.

Like I've said before, STOP lying! JUST STOP THE MADNESS. Everyone knows that there is a side business to this MLM and that is a Tools/Business Support Material Business. A lot of money is made off of new distributors and all of those who don't reach the Profit Sharing (or whatever they call it now...Q12 or something) Direct Distributor Level. All you hear about at business meetings, rally's, functions, night owls, team meetings..blah, blah, blah is about how "the only way to succeed in the business is to learn from the system - read the books, listen to the tapes, attend the functions." BULLSHYT.

I've been a REAL Business Owner/Entrepreneur for 8 years vs 12 years as an Independent Business Owner (MLM) and there ain't nothing independent about it. Basically, what they are telling you is that you MUST read what they tell you to read, listen to what they tell you to listen to, and attend the meetings they tell you to in order to succeed. If you don't, then they (your upline) won't help you. You can't think for yourself, you can develop your own business strategies, you can't pick the books you think would be best to help you succeed - basically you can't do anything without the consent & approval of your upline. Totally different story when you are REALLY in business for yourself - we make our own business decisions, we attend functions/conventions that we decide are relevant and make good business sense, we purchase business support materials when we NEED them, we purchase products & services at a REASONABLE price, we sell products & services at COMPETITIVE prices - that's what is INDEPENDENT. They need to change the name to Independent Business Owner (IBO) to Dependant Business Owner (DBO) cause that is what you really are.

While we still have an active IBO-ship (and we will keep it that way cause we ain't gonna throw away the little bit of change we get each month for building a network over 12 years), I am so glad we are NOT actively building this business. I don't think I could stomach listening to more Bull served up on a silver platter. I'm not gonna give UR Association $290/year to distribute amongst the upline or to whoever just to look at the calendar. At this point, I don't give a rats patootie what is going on in the organization.

And mark my words...I wouldn't be surprised if I get some nasty letter saying that because of my "negative" attitude that they are gonna terminate my IBO-ship. Wouldn't be surprised at all - it wouldn't have been the first time they've done it, no would it. And then I'm really gonna have something to say.


  1. Really hate those guys! The law of attraction says that those folks will get what they desrve. Might be in hell...

  2. That is funny. I actually read a lot of the 'recommended books' because they are interesting reads. My friend keeps saying, "I will get you to come to a seminar yet!" I'm looking at her...like "No the hell you wont!"

  3. Anonymous3:44 PM

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