Build a Bear - Cara's 4th Birthday Party

Cara's 4th Birthday Party was yesterday at the Build-A-Bear store in the mall. 17 kids showed up (I really only planned for 12). Cara had a blast and I'm broke. Whew! That was a great party, but I don't ever recall my parents spending that kinda loot on me for parties. It was pizza and cake in the kitchen with a few (max 5) kids. Maybe a slumber party or two, but that's it. No entertainment (entertain yourself), no party planner, no themes (happy birthday is a theme in itself). My mother just shook her head and took pictures. Now it is a major production. Decadent is what I kept thinking.

No matter....Cara had a wonderful time and got lots of annoying toys with little pieces. If I step on one more thing. UGAAAAH!


  1. Oh Lisa! They all look so sweet! And so happy with their new friends!!!
    You all are too good!

  2. Happy Birthday to the little princess!